Welcome to Quantum Electrostatic Heterostructure Model’s documentation!

The quantum electrostatic heterostructure (QEH) model is a fast and accurate model for simulating optical properties of stacks of 2D materials (heterostructures). This python package implements an easy command line interface to quickly calculate hetorostructure properties.

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Efficient Ab Initio Modeling of Dielectric Screening in 2D van der Waals Materials: Including Phonons, Substrates, and Doping

    1. Gjerding*, L. S. R. Cavalcante, Andrey Chaves, and K. S. Thygesen

J. Phys. Chem. C 2020, 124, 21, 11609–11616

Minimal example of calculating the plasmons of a graphene boron nitride heterostructure:

$ qeh graphene+doping=0.5 3BN graphene+doping=0.5 --plasmons --plot

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